Your Zone Loft Bed Plan

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Your zone loft bed – Ceiling beds are an effective way to add sleeping space or to provide extra living space for a small home. Ceiling beds work particularly well in a studio, often occupying the area above a desk. Building a ceiling requires only basic materials and equipment, but the basic process can be easily adjusted to produce as customized and elaborate a complete project as desired. Arrange two 4 by 4 of 60-inch posts on your work surface, parallel to each other and approximately 28 inches apart. Place a 1 by 3 by 36-inch board over the two posts exactly 1 foot from what will be at the top of the posts. Adjust the posts so that each end of this board on board, which is a horizontal support with food, is also with the outer edge of a post.

Ideas your zone loft bed, drill four holes through the horizontal support forum and in each post for a total of eight holes. Put 4-inch wooden screws with washers in each hole. Tighten them properly with a drill until the trays dig something in the wood. Repeat to add another half-by 3 by 36-inch board 2 meters below the first. Repeat the entire process to create another device of two posts and two boards that are 1 by 3 by 36 inches. Stand the two mounted units upright and parallel with the help of assistants. Face the sides with horizontal support boards facing each other.

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Make your zone loft bed, place one half through 3 by 80-inch on board side of a post on each device, in line with the upper horizontal support card. Drill four holes through this forum, which is a long bedside aboard, and in the post. Drill two holes through the long bed bottom on board and into the end of the horizontal support forum. Set 4-inch screws with washers in each hole. Tighten them completely until the tiles dig into the wood surface. Repeat on the other side with another long bedside on board.