Youth Loft Beds Ideas

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Youth loft beds – Ceiling beds are effective space saving for the children’s bedroom and are ideal for using the maximum available space in small bedrooms. With sleeping alcove raises over the floor, there is additional space for placing a desk, a small sofa, bookshelves or any number of things underneath, leaving an area open to play. Cut 4×4 posts 6 meters long. Cover all sides of posts with plywood cut to width and depth in the post. Attached to the posts using tire screws. Feel tire screws. Sand, prime and paint. Put aside.

Youth loft beds cut two of 2x4s to 88 inches. Lay on the floor four feet apart. Cut six 2x4s to 41 inches long. Attach the two longer pieces of 2x4s even with the upper edge of the 4×4 post forming a transverse element, use wooden screws. Attach the two ends with wooden screws. This will look like a box when done. Attach four of the 41-inch 2x4s periodically to the center section of the box. This constitutes the support for plywood support for the mattress. Attach plywood to the crossbar and end supports with tire screws.

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Repeat the same procedure to form the floor for the cot. Do not jump over this step gives the bed strength and stability. Attach a4x8 plywood board to the floor section. Cover the section floor with mat or finish with paint. Determine the height of the rack for the top section, depending on the ceiling height. Leave at least 2 inches between the top of the railing and the roof. Determine where the steps will be placed and leave this space open. Build and attach the railing all the way around the top of the cot. Build a sturdy ladder, using 2×4 timbers. Use wooden screws to attach steps. Remember to adjust the steps for the children’s shorter legs. Do not place the steps too far apart. Secure the steps to the area of ​​the bed that you have chosen for it. Sand, prime and paint the finished youth loft beds.